About Us

Doncaster Alcohol Alliance iconDoncaster Alcohol Alliance provides positive steps to help people think about alcohol and how it effects their lives.

Did you know that small changes can have big health benefits?

We aim to educate the public of Doncaster around the harmful effects associated with alcohol and ways in which people can reduce or stop drinking. On this website you will find self help tips for low to middle range drinking, reducing the need to seek professional help.

The Alcohol Alliance is made up of Doncaster Public Health, Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust, Aspire Drug and Alcohol Service, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, South Yorkshire Police, Doncaster CCG, DRI, Doncaster Pharmacy Committee and other voluntary partners.

For people with high levels of dependency we offer referrals to Aspire, Doncaster’s Drug and Alcohol Service. For more information about other Aspire services, please visit our main website: www.aspire.community