Frequently asked questions

“Is it free?”

Yes. All the services are NHS provided so they’re free to access if you live in Doncaster.

“Is it confidential?”

Generally the services are confidential (we don’t share information with anyone else without your permission). If you need medical treatment we will support you in arranging this with your GP, or if our specialist doctor provides the treatment, we’ll let your GP know for safety reasons.

“Can I bring a friend/partner along for support?”

Absolutely! If it supports you in coming to appointments and helps you to move on in working towards your goals that’s absolutely fine.

“Who will I see at my appointment?”

Usually you’ll be seen by either a nurse or a trained alcohol worker initially. You may have a number of sessions planned with them and if necessary they can also support you in accessing a doctor (either your own GP or our specialist doctor), or in attending group support sessions/activities (but only if that is what you want).

If you’ve got any concerns and would like to speak to someone in confidence, please ring us on 03000 213900.