Rethink Your Drink Doncaster
Rethink Your Drink Doncaster

Live in Doncaster? Please complete our survey!

Doncaster residents are being asked to spare a couple of minutes to complete a survey on their alcohol drinking habits during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Doncaster’s Alcohol Alliance – a consortium of agencies who are all working together to tackle issues caused by drinking too much alcohol – are curious to find out how the changes to daily life have impacted on residents’ drinking habits.

Dr Rupert Suckling, Director of Public Health in Doncaster, said: “We are looking to find out whether drinking habits have changed in lockdown. Are people drinking more or less often? Are we drinking in greater or smaller volumes at home? Are people concerned about their drinking?

“We are also interested to know whether changing drinking behaviours have had any impact on people’s wellbeing, health and household tension,” added Dr Suckling.  “Habits are formed quickly but can be hard to break. If people start drinking at risky levels now, not only do they face the risk of immediate harm – such as accidents, fires, arguments and conflict – but also the risk of their alcohol consumption rising over the medium to long term.”

To complete the survey simply visit:



03000 213900 or 01302 734579



Recommended guidance is 14 units per week