Many of us use alcohol to unwind after a long or stressful day. We may also use alcohol as a coping mechanism, for personal reasons such as divorce, bereavement, or work-related problems. However, regularly drinking over the guidelines may make you less able to deal with stress – especially if your body is still dealing with last night’s alcohol intake.

Drinking can affect your sleep. Although it can help some people fall asleep quickly, it can disrupt your sleep patterns and stop you from sleeping deeply. So cutting down on alcohol should help you feel more rested when you wake up.

Drinking large amounts of alcohol in one go, or ‘binge drinking’, can result in confusion, blurred vision, poor muscle control, nausea, vomiting, coma and even death. find out more here.

Regularly drinking alcohol can also cause longer term conditions such as liver disease and the following cancers.

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You can also find out about liver health here  and other impacts on your health here.

The good news is cutting back on the alcohol you consume can make a big difference to your overall health- and we’re here to help.

You can watch a video about the affects of alcohol here courtesy of Drinkaware.

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